The Keystone

The Keystone

lew white Jan 13, 2022


The highest stone of an arch is the one most exalted above the others, and this stone could be described by the Hebrew word RAB (chief) ABAN (stone).

Yahuah says His Name was forgotten for BEL (BAAL) at YirmeYahu 23:27).

The Name and Word are the highest of all things (Ps. 138:2).

Keystone is a modern term for the one stone used to hold the pressure of both sides of an arch. The arch builders were to stand beneath their newly-built arch, and a great weight was placed above it to test it before it was used. Without the correct stone in place, the opening would not be safe.

The Name is a tested Stone (YashaYahu 28:16).

The Name of Yahuah is the Stone the builders rejected, yet made many disciples of those builders believe what they teach is true.

A steel building put together with beams having missing rivets in key places is dangerous, and destined to fall.

The Name of Yahuah is a strong Tower, and the righteous run into it and are safe.

Read about the Stone the builders rejected at Psalm 118.


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