Opinion of Habit

lew white Mar 16, 2022

Question: Did the first Natsarim teach their children

1. to mask the fertility symbols of eggs, rabbits, wreaths, asherim (trees), steeples, and obelisks, or

2. to "come out of her My people?


3.  Is the world practicing witchcraft?

4. Or obeying every word that proceeds from the mouth of Yahuah?


The Opinion Of Habit

Hiding behind the excuse of languages and their alphabets, errors are explained to the masses as if to be mere coincidences. Whatever is most familiar easily dominates the behavior of a culture that has been deluded for centuries.

"Men like the opinions to which they have been accustomed from their youth; they defend them, and shun contrary views; and this is one of the things that prevents men from finding truth, for they cling to the opinion of habit."

Guide For The Perplexed, Maimonides / Rambam: (1135-1204)

More pagan terms and customs can be traced to their origins; start here:



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