lew white Jun 29, 2022
A teaching has been going around that needs to be addressed.
The Hebrew word AMAN is not related to any Egyptian Sun deity. Words are being confused because the languages have been confused since the tower of Babel. In other languages, words may sound similar, yet not be referring to what people think they are hearing.  
The Greek word AMHN (amen) comes from a similar sounding Hebrew word and means something along the lines of "let it be so" and "truly."
The word "amen" in Hebrew is derived from the verb AMAN, meaning to strengthen or confirm.
 In Greek the letter H is the uncial form of the Greek letter E.

In Hebrew, 
Yahusha uses AMAN when He says "Verily, Verily, I say..." 
Note Numbers 5:22, Psalms 41:14 and 72:19. 
We could probably say "verily" or "truly" as an English way of expressing the idea  -  but you know how people are;  they are prone to imitating others, and imbue certain words with exclusive feelings. 
 The word "aman" is fine, but some people link it with the Pagan deity, Amun Ra. 
 The Egyptian word amun means "hidden." 
 In Hebrew, aman can also mean
 faithful, confirmed. 

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