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 Natsarim Life Renewal Time

 The place for you to grow and thrive with other Natsari.

 Natsarim Life Membership Includes

  • Community of believers committed to Yahusha

  • Weekly Natsarim Gathering in the Fellowship Hall

  • New Natsarim Gatherings for Europe and Australia/NZ coming in 2023

  • Lew White Live Show Weekly 

  • Eberith, Paleo Hebrews classes ( Letters, Verbs, Nouns, and exploring the 22 Letters)

  • The Natsarim Life Course coming 2023

  • Self-Paced Study Libraries

  • Meet ups (like Zoom) for; Wise Guys (History/World Events), Prayer Circle, Lost Books Discussions, Let Jam (just fun to make music together)

  • Fellowship Hall private chat.

  • Zoom meetings for outreach programs and some classes

Renew Here

Members want you to know


The Natsarim Gatherings on the first day are so rich nd amazing. He leads us into His truth and knits our hearts together in love for one another. If you are not attending, you are truly missing out on something very special. Everyone has a voice and shares what Ruach places on their hearts.


Natsarim gatherings are a treasure. When I decided to leave Babylon I struggled with the loneliness. Yahuah led me here. I haven't looked back. It's warm, non judgmental and a place to discuss, lear, laugh and sometimes cry, but we love one another and are here to rally around you. Come join us. Be a part of the blessing.

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