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A dear brother emailed me and asked if “Beyond the Narrow Gate” was available as I had mentioned it in the book 4 Steps through the Narrow Gate

I was sorry to have to say no and then I wondered why why did I never receive Ruach’s guidance for “Beyond the Narrow Gate” . So, I asked Ruach. Throughout the day I was meditating on that question. My thoughts were all about what does that mean and how am I to share “Beyond the Narrow Gate”. 

Ruach mentioned I had already made “Beyond the Narrow Gate” available. 

Now that made me wonder, How had I done that? 

Over the course of the day, Ruach showed me that we go consciously go through the Narrow Gate when we embrace all the things in the 4 Steps through the Narrow Gate  , The Appointed Times of Yahuah and my upcoming book Repentance/ 10 commands, the Way to Yahuah’s Heart. “Beyond the Narrow Gate” is living all those things and most importantly sharing time with Yahuah and discovering a wonderful relationship with Him. 

And then Ruach showed me that NatsarimLife.com is “Beyond the Narrow Gate”.  Together we had created a space for all Natsarim who want to go “Beyond the Narrow Gate” with a group of other Natsari have the opportunity to do so in the community of Natsarim. 

I was surprised and found it so interesting that sometimes we are doing exactly what Ruach has given us to do and we do not recognize it.  Instantly all my concerns and doubts about starting Natsarim Life vanished. Natsarim Life is the place Ruach is developing for all of us to become family and help each other discover a wonderful deeper relationship with Yahusha. 

Come join us and journey beyond the narrow Gate.  The life of a watchmen, watching over the Word, protecting the truth and living in the truth.  A life pursuit to a fully robust relationship with Yahuah.  David is our example. He is known as the man after Yahuah’s Heart. Let us strive to be as David, Natsari to know Yahuah’s Heart. 

Join Natsarim Life, Live Beyond the Narrow Gate.


PS Thank you RS for asking me about Beyond the Narrow Gate.



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