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Natsarim Life, Founder/Admin

HI I am Margaret and I am the founder and administrator for Natsarim Life. My desire is to provide a place for the lovers of Yahuah to come together to encourage each other and praise Yahuah. We worship Yahuah through our obedience therefore I do not suggest that this website is to worship Yahuah although we do help each other continue in obedience. I promote the Narrow Path and the components of walking out our salvation including: The Name, Shabath, Appointed Times,  immersion and living the commands.  I promote the pure language of Yahuah: Eberith. I promote using the Hebrew names of Yahuah and Yahusha. I promote and work at using the numbers for the days and not the Pagan names given to the days of the week. 

Lead ambassadors of Yahuah's word freely give of their time to help instruct the members in all areas of walking the Narrow Path. All teachings must be proven against the Scripture. You are responsible to prove these things for yourself. Our leader is Yahuah. We are NOT a church and we do not operate as one. We do not have activities on Shabath because I believe that is Yahuah's day to spend with you and you with Him. 

Globe folks, dome folks and flat earthers are all welcomed here as well as all the different calendars that folks follow to be obedient to Yahuah. We respect each others positions on these matters but we do not push these things on each other. Although, the guys have been known to respectively ease each other. 

I have written a couple of books: Narrow Path Series: 4 Steps through the Narrow Gate and The Appointed Times of Yahuah. This series promotes our Narrow Path of salvation. I also have two new series to promote the pure language: Eberith. The series are: Hebrew Word Discovery: Letters and Grammar.  Eberith Vocabulary Series: Alef (21 more workbooks to come). 

I supplement my Social Security with my books and they are available on and I have an author's website: I do not earn a living from Natsarim Life although from time to time I am blessed with a love gift from a member. Always greatly appreciated.  All monthly membership donations go to pay for the upkeep of the website.

If you have any additional questions regarding the management of Natsarim Life please contact me: [email protected]

All for Yahuah's Joy