Born with Personalities to Tame

margaret st peter Aug 31, 2023

One must always be attentive to our experiences as they happen and handle them accordingly. Even when this behavior causes a pause in the conversation or activity. It is in those moments we take the situation to Ruach ha Qodesh for clarification on how to handle ourselves to reflect the behaviors of Yahusha most accurately. Most often if we listen closely Ruach is already giving us those answers. 

Most of us in this community are living our lives believing we are reflecting the behaviors of Yahusha. Sometimes we need to reconsider the way we check ourselves. We all have personalities and those personalities (the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character) are a testing ground for us to modify or grow ourselves to truly model Yahusha’s behaviors. Very few of us will find ourselves in eternity without regarding our personalities and modifying them to Yahusha’s example.

I can say that starting Natsarim Life and managing it for two years has absolutely caused me to modify my own personality many times. With each test, I think and hope I am growing in the behaviors of Yahusha. It has also grown my ability to recognize through Ruach, quickly see, behaviors that are not of Yahusha even though someone may believe they are the example to everyone of how one should behave. That sentence does not sound very humble, I am not sure how else to put it. As we walk in Ruach ha Qodesh we recognize the things being quickened in us much faster. Please understand just because we catch things quicker does not make us any better in walking in the ways of Yahusha. I can say that because I have always been a personality that basically gets walked on, Yahusha did not get walked on, He saw people’s motives quickly and He was strong and said what needed to be said. He did not think about things for days and wish He had said something differently. At the same time He was loving and caring. Helping many people.

Some of the untamed personalities we are born with display flaws such as controlling maneuvers often unknown to the person being controlled ( I am good with this flaw as these personalities find me and I get suckered in over and over, but I am starting to stand up for my self and walk away from these personality types.) Controlling personalities are very hard to self correct and need much prayer both for the controller and yourself. These personalities get very mean when you do not allow yourself to be controlled by them and they do not let go. They will lead you down the road of tale baring and stirring up trouble while the controller continuing to look above it all.  This has been my huge-est personality trait to overcome – not allowing controllers to do their bidding through me and get myself in trouble.

As I write  I can clearly see the behaviors of ha Shatan shining through the controlling personality. Sadly this personality does not recognize itself and finds it difficult to change.

 Love to all Shalom M

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