The World We Live In

Feb 14, 2024

Good morning, Brothers and Sisters

Last evenings conversation with brother Daud and family was a tough one as always, it's the kind of conversation that can keep you awake at night and for most of us probably has a number of times throughout our adult lives. 

Well, we might say this is the world we live in and in a way, this is true but only in a very small part that has a huge impact on our daily lives.

This in reality is the world that has been (created for us), think about that for just a second. It's the world that's been created for us, now there's a concept, created for us, and just who exactly would create a world with such evil intension to enslave children for their perverted sexual pleasures and worse?

Well, were all pretty familiar with this guy because most of us knowing and unknowingly use to hang out with him, he goes by many names of which none are worth mentioning.

He has legions of supporters throughout the entire world, and this thought alone can cause people to lose hope and, in many cases, their faith which is exactly his intension but, Yahuah has another plan which is written throughout the pages of His-Story!

In the conquest of the Israelites, they were given the opportunity from Yahuahs instructions to remove this very same wickedness from the land and failed to do so, just as we can see in the period of His-Story that was known as the Dark Ages when the society of Jesuits and the Antichrist Black Popes murdered hundreds of millions of saints to remove the two witnesses against them which we're the saints themselves and the Word of Yahuah, He, Yahuah, had yet another plan fueled by the age of enlightenment, atheism, and the Church of true believers and through this they put all but a temporary end once again to the wickedness of the world and the Church grew even more out of this persecution. 

The beast takes a mortal wound to the head and is healed, and all the world marveled at this and once again followed the beast, and here we are today, they, being the RCC and the Society of Jesuits, have once again risen to power in the world and we find ourselves in the very same dilemma.

So, what's the plan, how do we as believers today navigate in this storm?

Waking early this morning watching the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico makes me grateful for the life Yahuah has given me and the opportunity to have peace in it after a lifetime of strife, pain and hard work that has in many ways paid off, but it's not always this way but it's the life I choose, not the life (they choose) for me anymore.

We as believers are Commanded to stay focused on Yahusha and if we don't then we suffer for this by looking at the things of this world which cause us to lose heart, and this grieves are Ruach and His Ruach also, in Ephesians we are Commanded to put on the Armour of Yahuah and keep it on at  ALL Times, wielding the double-edged sword of Truth to quench the flaming arrows of the devil and his minions!

The book of Romans tells us to put on character of Yahusha every day, but it doesn't tell us to go out and protest, to stand on the street corners and yell scripture or any of the other crazy things one might consider as a way to get in the fight because you're all read in the fight!

We must be well equipped for the fight, and this comes from studying the scriptures of truth and building up the arsenal of prayers, using wisdom and discernment against the deeds of the wicked ones and these my brothers and sister are the best tools we could ever have in our toolbox then, He Yahuah, brings the fight to us so, we better be well equipped, focused and prepared at all times to defend ourselves.

If you're struggling with the idea of where your called to be at this time in His-Story, remember this, Yahuah will place you exactly where you're supposed to be in exactly the right time to be there so don't be deceived by the lie of this world that you should struggle with this concept.

Yahuah brought the fight to the Israelites and the Saints of the Dark Ages and He's going to bring this last battle to us in these last days, but we have a secret weapon that was missing from the previous battles and that my brothers and sisters is Yahusha Himself, riding out like the Champion He is in front of us and with All the Saints before us!

His burden is light and His yoke easy and we must as believers rest in this or were staring at the things of this world, aren't we.

Shalom Brothers and Sisters with much Prayer and Love






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